Blueside is…
...preciousness, purity, transparency, beauty, harmony, essentiality, style, emotion, multifunctionality, uniqueness, multi-sensoriality, atmosphere, meditation, relaxation, passion, slow life, conviviality, roots...

Blueside is high Italian craftsmanship.

Blueside is all this: music in the form of objects, works of art to touch and use.

It is the ability to look beyond, it is rhythm that turns into shape and emotion at your fingertips.

Table, Home and Jewelry

Dining, Living and Jewel collections draw inspiration from the scientific world.

From stunning borosilicate glass objects for the table to an amazing collection of décor complements and stylish accessories for women and men.

Haute Cuisine and Mixology

A collection of scientific instruments designed for fine dining and bartending.

Steroglass's know-how and high scientific expertise allow restaurants and bartenders to best find new ways to amaze and satisfy their customers.

Blueside è alto artigianato italiano
Profumazioni per la casa

Home fragrances

An utmost collection of home fragrances. 100% natural ready-to-use essential oils for a pleasant aromatherapy pampering and artistic home fragrances, all designed by Blueside master perfumers.

A new experience to live emotions with all 5 senses!


Blueside is about the “blue” side of life.
Why blue?

Blue is classic, noble, modern and lively.
Blue reflects cleanness because it is the colour of water, and blue is the sea and the sky, the immense and magnificent gifts that nature can offer.

Blue makes us feel calm and safe - in a blue room heart rate slows down.

Blue evokes peace and serenity as well as sensitivity and deep feelings. It gives energy and leads to beauty and meditation.

The blue colour has meant all of this since ancient times. It was invented by the Egyptians in the 3rd millennium B.C.; the word blue was used to refer to the human eye and God Ra's eye.

Blue is also the term used to define Blues music, the root of Jazz, Rock and all contemporary

Blues expresses the melancholy state of black American people which is full of pathos and
emotional involvement.

Blue is all this!