Blueside is a Steroglass brand, born with the purpose of giving emotions through glass.

Steroglass was founded in 1959 with the aim to create and produce glass objects for scientific purpose.

Its master glassblowers’ expertise and skills have inspired various Italian designers to invent unique products for the Blueside Emotional Design brand.

Blueside Emotional Design

2008 is the year that sees the creation of a new brand. The mastery of borosilicate glass processing, the desire to recover some of the glass material that could no longer be used for chemical and pharmaceutical purposes, and the love for design, music and cooking, all
this led to a new concept brand: Blueside Emotional Design.


In addition to the production of glass design objects, special attention is given to scientific instrumentation dedicated to haute cuisine and bartending.

Here Steroglass' high expertise in alchemy offers chefs and bartenders new techniques to enhance their customers taste

Rotary evaporators, distillers, freeze-dryers, bioreactors, and other instrumentation become a must in the world of starred restaurants and lounge bars!