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Philomena, glass server/teapot for one

Philomena is not only a fine borosilicate glass server for special broths and liquid sauces accompanying gourmet dishes, but it is also an individual teapot to relish a special tea. A perfect mise en place,...

Natalìa, glass flower vase

The stylized flower vase Natalìa takes its inspiration from the natelli, the rows of colored floats threaded with marine rope into the fishing nets that are thrown into the sea. The nice floating donuts that...

Briki, turkish coffee maker

Turkish coffee is spread all over the Middle East, particularly in Turkey and Greece. The delicious coffee is brewed in a cezve by putting water, sugar and extra fine grind coffee powder into this famous long-handled copper...

Cuore, espresso coffee cup

This espresso coffee cup was born from the transformation of a scientific laboratory object.Thanks to the possibility of reshaping borosilicate glass from an obsolete object, this small favor for tasting espresso coffee was born. The...

Benjamin, jewel buttons
€32,00 €38,00

Benjamin, art buttons As if by magic original hand-made glass buttons turn into beautiful designer jewelry charms when sewn on a silver chain.The glamorous use of Benjamin Buttons is endless. We suggest them even for...

I Vasetti, small vases for small flowers
€24,00 €34,00

Small flowers in blossom in these small glass vases are like coloured butterflies spreading their wings from the sinuous caterpillar shape. Pretty on every corner of your home or office given their small size, they...

Set of whiskey glasses Charlies
€90,00 €128,00

An exclusive pair of glasses for whiskey and ice, set on a white tablet with two recesses for holding the glasses. The best way to enjoy whiskey on the rocks. Sophisticated ideas to present innovative...

Stone, glass diffuser

Stone, zen perfumer Original diffuser made of blown borosilicate glass.Its relaxing shape calls to mind the river stones smoothed by time and slowly flowing water. Fragrance not included. Material: hand-blown 3.3 borosilicate glass Dimensions lxdxh: 116x78x59mm

Gennaro 32, spherical glass serving dish

Awesome borosilicate glass sphere with 32 little caves for fancy pastry and finger food appetizers. The delicacies embedded in this transparent glass seem to be suspended in the air delivering a colourful contrast. Also used...

Volare, citrus, eucalyptus, litsea, rosemary, myrtle, incense home fragrance

Volare, the freshness of angelic plants Lemon, eucalyptus, tangerine, litsea, rosemary, bergamot, myrtle, incense home fragrance "I NATURALI" A synergy of essential oils that gives energy and protection. Its fragrance is a flight of citrus...

Janet, tubular collar necklace in glass and silver

JANET, piece of loop A hanging glass bend with an ethereal silver chain going through. A royal piece of jewel brought back to our times. Suggested song: Tazenda, no potho reposare

Lampara, oil lamp in glass

The new oil lamp! Who among us was not fascinated by the light of the lampare - the fishing lights fishermen used to light up the sea at night to attract fish before casting their...

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