Blowing glass is an increasingly rare art, an ancient craft that requires patience, fire, heat and precision. Glass blowing is not an easy job, but glass gives huge satisfaction to those who love and treat it with care.

This is how the Blueside project started, from this artisanal and artistic, yet rigorous and technical expertise. Finally, the project took shape and turned into a stunning collection of real works of art.

Awesome mouth-blown creations

Each piece of the Blueside collection is mouth-blown and handmade by the expert hands of high skilled blowers. The pieces resemble one other but each is actually one-of-a-kind as shapes are impossible to forge even with the help of automatisms or molds. This is really an added value!

Soffieria Blueside Design
Soffieria Blueside Design

Raw material

Glass in all its shapes and sizes. Mainly 3.3 borosilicate glass, the purest, and the most neutral and the most resistant to thermal shock, contaminants-free, thus a superior raw material.

Visit the factory

All the Blueside Emotional Design creations are made at the Steroglass factory based in Perugia, Italy.

Book a visit to our glassworks factory and you will witness the birth of stunning glass pieces.