Aromalab, rotary evaporator for aromas distillation

Designer: R&D Blueside

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Aromalab, the rotary evaporator for cooking

Aromalab is an automatic distiller commonly named rotary evaporator.
This type of instrument is used in chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories to extract components from a certain substance. This procedure requires a few combined phases and elements: heating, motion, vacuum and refrigeration of the product.
Cuisine is physics and chemistry at the same time: cooking means changing the state of aggregation of elements which belong to a certain product, starting from water.
Why can Aromalab be used in the kitchen?
To extract aromas from a specific product, recover them in the form of clear flavoured water for several different uses; 
To cook at low temperatures and under vacuum thus making sure original product characteristics are kept as well as obtaining delicate consistences;
To concentrate some components of a mixture through soft migration of water under vacuum and continuous rotation.

Dimensions: hxdxl: 690x700x430 mm

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