Cirano, flavoured water extractor

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This distiller for flavoured waters takes inspiration from Cyrano de Bergerac's  large nose.
The glass alembic has been made fully respecting the shapes created by alchemists in the XIV century.
Cirano makes aromatized water by means of hot extraction of essential oils with water from any kind of flower or medicinal plant among those considered beneficial for health.
Ideal appliance for high-catering and bartending researchers wishing  to create their own aromatic blends.
Cirano is also a home deco object inspiring approach to the wonderful world of essential oils and their precious virtues. Capacity: 5 lt

Material: 3.3 borosilicate glass


  • 1400W black heating plate (optional)
  • 500ml distillate flask (optional)

Suggested song: Francesco Guccini, Cirano

  • Pour the water into the reactor;
  • Place the plants inside the reactor and close with the refrigerant "dark brown" lid with extension for collecting the hydrosol distillate;
  • Turn on the electric or infrared hob at minimum power;
  • Upon reaching a temperature of around 40/50°C, the steam will begin to rise, dragging the essential oils extracted from the plants with it. The extraction by evaporation must take place over a very long time and the water must never boil to avoid a degradation of the essential oils (as they are thermolabile);
  • The steam mixed with essential oils will be cooled in the condensation chamber and will be transformed into hydrosol or flavored water and will be slowly dripped into a borosilicate glass collection flask;
  • At the end of the distillation deactivate the plate avoiding that the water inside the reactor evaporates completely causing a risk of thermal shock due to excessive overheating of the glass with consequent risk of breaking of the glass itself
  • Recover the hydrolate inside the flask and use it according to the required applications.


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