Lampara, oil lamp in glass

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Designer: Simone Micheli

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The new oil lamp!

Who among us was not fascinated by the light of the lampare - the fishing lights fishermen used to light up the sea at night to attract fish before casting their nets?

Lampara is an oil lamp with a minimal design that takes us back to the oil lamps of ancient Greece, offering us an evocative plunge into the past. Made of borosilicate glass, when Lampara is filled with olive oil, a capillary action soaks the wick and lights the lamp.


  • 3.3 borosilicate glass 
  • wick in fiberglass and cotton

Dimensions: 120x30mm

Suggested song: Pat Metheny, Travels

Cut the wick supplied into 3 equal parts and use one before proceeding with lighting the lamp.

Position the fiberglass wick inside the lamp and make it protrude by about 0.5 cm from the glass wick holder located inside the lamp. end of the spout.

Pour the lamp oil into the lamp through the special upper hole and wait a couple of minutes for the plunger to be soaked in oil. Once the oil has been used up, top it up through the special upper hole.

To avoid unwanted smoke and odours, it is preferable to use the supplied wick and extremely pure lamp oil. Spare wick available upon request.


Do not keep the lamp lit near flammable materials.


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