Blueside is...
...preciousness, purity, transparency, beauty, harmony, essentiality, style, emotion, multifunctionality, uniqueness, multisensoriality, atmosphere, meditation, relaxation, passion, slow life, conviviality, roots...


The Blueside project was born from the passion and initiative of the Falocci family.

The ability to work and shape glass, together with the love for design, music and the table, has allowed the birth in 2009 of a project of production and commercial differentiation, aimed at the creation of design accessories dedicated to the world of Dining, of the Living and the Jewel which also draw inspiration from the world of blues and jazz and aim to convey the emotion that animates the musician on stage and the audience of an atmospheric concert...

Blueside is all this: music in the form of objects, of works that you can touch and use, emotion at your fingertips...

Mastery and Craftsmanship

Glass blowing is an increasingly rare art nowadays. It is an ancient art made of patience,
of fire, of heat, of precision. Knowing how to work glass is not so obvious: one of the most perfect and complex materials that exists in the world does not betray those who know and love it well.
Everything starts from here, from this artisanal and artistic competence, but rigorous and technical at the at the same time, the Blueside project was born and materialized. To this must be added the great
competence in the mechanical, electronic and design fields of Steroglass.

All the items in the collection are handcrafted, handmade one by one. Each piece made by the expert hands of our blowers becomes unique, 
similar to others but certainly different from all and this allows us to create shapes that are sometimes impossible to forge with the aid of automatisms or molds and it 
consecrates hence the high added value.

Glass first of all, in all its shapes and sizes. Mainly borosilicate glass 3.3, the purest and most neutral glass that exists, most resistant to
thermal shock, free from contaminants...a superior product.
Glass was chosen as the primary material, but not a large opening is missing to many other different materials: DuPontTM Corian, porcelain, wood, aluminum, steel, silver...

The blue

The term Blueside means blue side; the blue side of life.
Why blue?
Because it represents classic, nobility, modernity and vivacity at the same time.
Blue reflects the meaning of cleanliness because it is the color of water and its reference to the sky, the sea and the most immense and most beautiful elements that nature is able to offer us is also immediate.
Blue induces total calm, security; in a blue room, for example, heartbeats decrease and this colour, on a psychological level, evokes peace and satisfaction and on a physiological level, tranquillity.
Blue also represents sensitivity, depth of feeling and finally favors energy, the experience of beauty, meditation.
Since ancient times the color blue has meant all of this. The blue color was invented by the ancient Egyptians starting from the 3rd millennium BC; the word blue was used to indicate the human eye and the eye of Ra.
Blue is also the term used to define Blues music, the root of Jazz, Rock and all contemporary music, which expresses the state melancholy of black American populations but strongly charged with emotional pathos and positive contagion. All of this is blue.