Spiritaro, pure bergamot home fragrance 100ml

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Cold extraction, 100ml spray pack

aromatherapy at your fingertips

100% natural room fragrances based on essential oils. The essential oil is the soul of the plant. When you perceive its perfume, give yourself five seconds and let it act... when you feel a sensation of well-being arise, you will have grasped its essence!

Designer: R&D Blueside

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SPIRITARO, uplifting, fragrance of paradise  

home fragrance "I NATURALI"

Citrus bergamia Fresh, fruity and sweet, almost flowery. The essential oil is extracted from the peel of the fruit by means of pressing, and is it known as the Fragrance of Paradise. “The Prince of Citrus Fruits” imparts a sense of pleasantness, removes inner blocks, and helps you to follow your own path with joy and serenity. The essential oil of flexibility, with antiseptic and antibacterial properties, it is very useful in the health sector and as a cleaning agent.  

Planet sign: Sun

Head note

The evening is often the moment dedicated to pampering and relaxation. Diffusing the right essential oils allows you to better enjoy your home, to harmonize the emotions of the day and to prepare us for a peaceful rest. It is essential to carefully choose the plants that awaken in us the predisposition to smile, which help us to remove the tensions assimilated during daily activities, which open up to sharing.


Its soft and delicate scent gives balance and emotional well-being. It opens the heart, develops intuition and sensitivity, takes away the fear of the unknown. It is much loved by children for its cheerful simplicity.


It is effective in states of tension or restlessness. Its calming effect is reflected in particular on the sympathetic system: this makes it particularly suitable for use in the evening. It induces serenity and joy, it helps to savor simple things with enthusiasm and amazement. Its subtle psycho-emotional influence helps to overcome bitterness and be more sincere with oneself, supporting one's inner child.


Rebalances and harmonizes the nervous system, is effective against insomnia. An essential oil that softens and gives a sense of protection. Opens to tenderness and values of the heart, helps in the development of projects and in the definition of goals.


"The Prince of Citrus" gives a sense of pleasure, dissolves inner blocks, helps to walk one's path with serenity, instills joy and soothes emotional pain. Relaxes the mind, sharpens the senses and helps to find inner peace.


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