Eclair, sliding necklace

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Each jewel from the Patisserie collection is a unique piece, crafted
with artisanal care and dedication, designed to carry the taste and charm of Parisian life wherever you go. Whether you're captivated by the sweetness of macarons or the sophistication of mille-feuille, each jewel represents a chapter of your personal story, framing your sweetest memories and most captivating adventures.

The jewels of the Patisserie collection: not just ornaments, but true
tales of elegance and passion, inspired by the timeless beauty of Paris and the joy of living.

Designer: R&D Blueside

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Gold-plated silver and glass, sliding and adjustable, this necklace recalls the most delicious French pastry – Éclair, with its ethereal and elongated shape ensuring style and sophistication.

For a fine evening, this necklace can also be worn backwards by placing the pendant onto your back. Maximum necklace length 80 cm

Suggested song: Charles Trenet, Boum


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