Sandra Castelletti

Sandra Castelletti Firenze 1966, studied and gained professional experience in Milan 1985/91, earned a three-year degree in Interior design and building renovation at the Ateneo and a Masters in Graphics and Design at the A.G. Fronzoni Studio, where she forms herself thanks to an analythic method based on global projects.

She lives and works in Florence from 1993, in his study, designs and renovates housing units, stores, exhibition spaces, objects, furnishing accessories and design of ornaments for the body.
Her work is based on a multidisciplinary exploration. Through volumes and proportions she investigates architecture and design, translating into body language, simple and essential jewellery, the result of a careful analysis of form in respect to the material. Rigorous multiuse ornament, dynamic geometries balanced between form, function and content.

Her creations have been distributed by Barneys New York-Tokio and numerous stores in Italy and Europe and published several times.