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Géraldine Dardano

Even if she wanted to, Géraldine Dardano could never have been an employee. As a child, she took her first steps among the primitive sculptures of Oceania and the paintings of the avant-garde of the twentieth century, she fell asleep listening to the stories of her uncle Serge Brignoni (1903-2000), a Swiss surrealist painter and collector, here and there by the Seine, between Montmartre and Montparnasse, with Max Ernst, Giacometti and Paul Eluard, in the fabulous Paris of Picasso. Mother Christine is a ceramist and painter, while Jade, Géraldine's sister, is a classical dancer at the "Bayerische Staatsoper" in Munich.

The most important legacy of her family is the love of art and beauty, which Géraldine declines with a sensitive look at shape and color. Color balances and formal elegance have always been her main objective, personal to her even before being professional.

More recent is her love for cinema, the seventh art. With the same curious eyes and the same humility of the little girl that she was, Géraldine tries and hopes every day to surpass herself, improve and express all the creativity of which she is capable.

Laura Campiglio. Brief CV: After the art school in Varese, he attended the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, graduating with honors in 1997, continued in Lugano completing his studies with a master's degree in "Computer Animation" before leaving for three years to work at the Vienna Opera. She practices in the field of aesthetics at 360 degrees. She works as an Interior Designer, Graphic Designer and Set Designer for theatres, televisions, cinemas and private individuals throughout Europe.

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