Sabrina Masala

Sabrina Masala Architect

….an architect's hand guided by the senses, by regularity, clarity and simplicity, which follows an order,
which in design and construction is made up of data and of conquests.

Sabrina Masala was born in Tuscany and graduated from the "Federico II" faculty of architecture in Naples. Today you live in Campania between Naples and Eboli, from where you follow national and international projects. A place that inspires its architecture every day with light colors and simple shapes, full of warmth and sensitivity.

It has over 15 years of experience in architecture and interior design, versatile in lifestyle as in the choice of jobs. Designer, decorator, creative, her portfolio ranges from architecture and interior design projects, to the redevelopment of historic buildings, squares and courtyards, up to the design of furniture and furnishing accessories.

Winner of national architectural design and environmental redevelopment competitions including the
InArch 2011 award and the creation of the urban regeneration format "Radicity".

His clear, linear style, inspired by light, from sound, from invisible and visible spirits, from the clear awareness of the place and in respecting the function.