Sara Guasticchi

She was born in Perugia in 1983 and graduated from the Institute of Science "Pieralli" high school. She then attended the School of Civil Engineering for two years, leaving it to devote herself to her passion.... Drawing!

At the European Institute of Operating Arts in Perugia she obtained a three-year Interior Architecture specialization. She currently works in an architecture studio based in Perugia. She met Blueside in 2010.... and her passion became work. For Sara "design" means think, invent and create ... we are surrounded by design .... basically everything is part of a wider project! Here is a saying Sara particularly cherishes: "A design object is a joint effort of many people with different and specific technical, industrial, commercial and aesthetic skills. The designer's work is the synthesis of this collective work.

What characterizes design is the continuous relationship between various players, from entrepreneur to worker. "(Achille Castiglioni).