Cinini, tiny reversible flower vases

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Designer: Sara Guasticchi

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Tiny reversible flower vases made of hand-blown borosilicate glass.

Come with three coloured soft lichens, and one or more small flowers can also fit when you turn them upside down. An original gift for a green cuddle!

Two versions: transparent and frosted glass

Material: 3.3 borosilicate glass, a set of 3 stabilized lichens (red, pink and green)

Dimensions dxh: 69x27mm

Suggested song: Glen Miller, The nearness of you

The cinini are the ideal flower pots for those who have little space and don't want to keep too much behind the care of the plants.

You can put them on your desk, under a window sill, on your bedside table or on a small shelf or even in a corner of your bathroom.

What are stabilized lichens: they are a type of moss similar to a sponge that undergoes a stabilization process, in order to keep it always fresh, soft and unchanged over time. They do not need water, earth or light, but the ideal conditions for their correct conservation include an environment whose humidity does not drop below approximately 40%: lichens are maintained thanks to the humidity in the air.

Given their characteristics, they lend themselves very well in humid environments such as the bathroom or places with a good percentage of humidity.


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