Armonia, orange and lavender home fragrance 100ml

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Steam distillation, cold extraction

100ml bottle, spray

Home fragrances, 100% natural and essential-oil based.
The essential oil is the soul of the plant. Once its perfume has reached your nostrils, give it five seconds to act… you will sense a feeling of well-being, which means you have grasped its essence!

Designer: R&D Blueside

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ARMONIA increases balance and happiness  

home fragrance "I NATURALI"

Citrus senensis

Fresh, sweet and sensual, orange essential oil is extracted from the peel of the fruit. Its soft, delicate scent imparts balance and emotional well-being, confidence, warmth and vitality. It increases joy thanks to its sunny qualities, it develops intuition and sensitivity.

It helps fight insomnia by easing tensions. It is greatly loved by children.

Planet sign: Sun
Head note  

Lavandula angustifolia

The precious essential oil is extracted from the flowering tops of the plant with an intense, fresh, floral scent. It rebalances and harmonizes the nervous system, is effective against insomnia, is soothing and gives a sense of protection. It opens you to tenderness and the values of the heart, and is refreshing when you are fatigued.

Planet sign: Moon, Mercury
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