Artemisia, Absinthe Fountain


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Designer: Francesco Paretti

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The absinthe drink: Baudelaire called it The "Green Fairy", Van Gogh loved it, and the world’s most poetic according to Oscar Wild.

Artemisia, a absinthe preparation kit made of borosilicate glass, well deserves to be in the new Blueside Emotional Design collection.

Artemisia, a convivial fountain comes with four taps, four glass sugar cube strainers, and four small glasses for tasting Absinthe.

Elegant, fine, with a forbidden charm, this little masterpiece is a very functional and high-design object that looks gorgeous on bar counters, in starred restaurants and luxury hotels.

Materials: 3.3 borosilicate glass, PTFE taps, aluminum caps

Design: Cecilia Baccarini, Francesco Paretti 


Artemisia absinthe fountain dxh: 260x430mm

Artemisia absinthe glasses dxh: 55x118mm

Artemisia strainer dxh: 59x20mm

Suggested song: Charles Aznavour, She

The popularity
of this unique Artemisia-based drink, excellent as an appetiser paired with
cheeses, ideal for an end of a meal, had its highest expression in the mid 19th
century as a result of its use by artists and writers such as the Cursed Poets
of the " Bohèmienne Parisienne."

thanks to its particular taste and evocative ritual of preparation, became a
drink of special appeal, and its use spread rapidly from France to large part
of Europe.

long been unfairly legally prohibited, Absinthe is now increasingly regaining
market share, appealing to consumers who care for quality and exclusivity and
who search for original and really authentic sensory experiences.



ice water (previously added into the appropriate fountain) in four small
glasses containing about 15 ml of 65°C (alcoholic content) of concentrated
Absinthe distillate.


water then drips from the finely adjustable taps not only dilutes and refreshes
the distillate, but also serves the purpose of dissolving the sugar cubes on
the strainers covering the four glasses.

the correct dilution is reached, the liquid will take on a milky green
cloudiness, from transparent green to the formation of the so-called “louche”.
Now you can relish your drink!


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