Jin, home fragrance

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Nose: SIlvia Babucci

500ml pack

Line of home fragrances designed by the "Noses" experts of the Blueside R&D team and formulated by prestigious perfumers from Grasse in France.

Created to give your sense of smell and your memory unforgettable suggestions!

Their pleasantness and persistence make them particularly suitable for air fresheners with rattan sticks.

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From juniper berries (Juniperus communis L.), from Mediterranean bush, liquid, transparent, sharp, distilled, botanic, alcoholic, crystal-clear and shiny.

The first strong touch is the juniper perfume, then the sunny Mediterranean features of tomato stand out: a ripe tomato which jumpstarts the heart of this fragrance, followed by notes of rosemary, basil, mint, to the cedar citrus fruit, the fragrant and refreshing cedar which smoothens the composition bringing drier notes into it.  

It does not need to be taken in moderation; it dilutes in alcohol a green, aromatic and spiced olfactory pyramid with a sparkling, sensuous and stylish tail: a lively, ice-cold and mysterious tribute to the atmosphere of the roaring 20s.   Its originality comes from botany which makes it distinctive for its tomato fruit characteristics.

.. volatility is the degree of speed with which a perfume evaporates once exposed to the air. In the 19th century, the Frenchman Septimius Piesse transferred the concept of musical scale to the sphere of perfume, classifying each odor on the basis of the notes of a scale.

Each perfume corresponded for Piesse to a semitone. From this ancient attempt to apply musical principles to the field of perfumery, the concept of "perfume note" has remained: the high or head, medium or heart and low or base notes.

This classification considers the degree of volatility of a perfume, its characteristics and properties and is functional for the formulation of a balanced fragrance.


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