Metaverso, high dimensions modular vase

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Designer: Nicola Gallizia

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Modular vases in mouth-blown glass. The inner vase is inserted into the outer vase creating a magnificent deco object.

You can place the two elements separately to create different green situations. Ideal vases to hold important bouquets, floating candles to create the perfect atmosphere during an important dinner.

Refinement, mastery, fluidity are the three concepts that come to mind when looking at Metaverso vases. The name embraces a conceptual universe that exactly reflects the sophisticated soul of these essential-looking vases. The concept behind the design takes up the very high values of the Italian tradition of blown glass and projects them with elegant versatility into a dynamic dimension. The elegance of simplicity is perfectly embodied in Metaverso’s modular versions, making it a contemporary statement.  

Material: 3.3 borosilicate glass   


  • Metaverso low: Inner Vase dxh 190x260mm, Outer Vase 270x89mm
  • Metaverso high: Inner Vase dxh 140x320mm, Outer Vase 270x87mm  

Suggested song: Radiohead, Creep  

Use the pots of the Metaverso series to set up your hydroponic gardens.

Marimi, water lilies, small aquatic plants will find the ideal habitat in these sinuous glass shapes.

For an unforgettable evening, fill the outdoor vases with water and floating candles and enjoy the atmosphere this vase will create.


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