Phil decanter, glass coffee maker for filter coffee

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Designer: Næssi Studio

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PHIL DECANTER Design coffee maker for filter coffee

A sinuous, monobloc, iconic body, perfect for receiving coffee and then water. Phil Decanter paints an archetype being a primitive form but at the same time evolved thanks to the presence of the glass cage that defines a natural handle.

The total glass reinforces the concept and enhances the strength of the selected material, borosilicate glass. Emotionally reassuring with its sinuosity, with a decidedly organic imprint, it translates the essence of coffee by wrapping it like a soft pod.

From a functional point of view Phil Decanter is pure pragmatism: it is the most natural place in which to prepare an aromatic filter coffee.

To use it, just insert a paper filter in the upper part.

Pour in the coffee powder, ground with medium grain, and pour in the water at about 93°. The coffee drink is ready in about 5 minutes.

Ideal when combined with other products from the PHIL collection

Dimensions dxh: approx. 110x186mm

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