Scampagnata, Hay, Chamomile, Lavender and Marjoram 100ml

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Designer: R&D Blueside

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The smell of just harvested hay, the sweetness of chamomile flowers, the enveloping of lavender. A peaceful moment, lying on the grass looking at the sky. 

Hay of May: the first harvest of the Cuneo Alps meadows. Useful during convalescence and states of fatigue, is an excellent restorative tonic. This precious hay is dried in the sun for 5 days during which it is moved and aired in order to ensure a complete drying for a better conservation of its beneficial properties.

Roman chamomile: calming, acts on the autonomic nervous system, helps to overcome shock, anger, nervousness and insomnia. Lessens feelings of dissatisfaction and restlessness and gives a sense of balance and protection. 

Lavender: this must-have oil rebalances anxiety, stress and apathy. Beats insomnia, relieves headaches and lowers tachycardia rates. It also helps to regain peace of mind even in the most irritable moods. 

Marjoram: Relaxes and strengthens. It is tonic on the body and calming on the brain in case of emotional disorders. It restores from physical fatigue. The marjoram plant is a symbol of goodness and relief.


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