Tagè, gravy boat in glass

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Designer: Cristian Visentin

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Tagè, the ideal gravy boat for an atmospheric pre-dessert

Elegant gravy boat with borosilicate glass lid designed for making a very refined pre-dessert.

A pre-dessert consists of serving a small dessert before the main one, in order to give body to the dessert menu so that the customer can end their gustatory journey in the best way.
The predessert is then served before the main dessert and serves to prepare the palate to better enjoy the dessert.

Tagè was born from an original fusion between the Maghreb tajine and the ancient Tuscan cooking flask; the contents inside can be heated by a candle. It is very suggestive to prepare the pre-dessert at the diners' table and cook it slowly during dinner, then portion it and serve it in front of the guests.

Material: borosilicate glass 3.3

Measurements: container dxh 463x212mm

We recommend listening to: Etta Jame, At last

the pre-dessert... before the dessert

In haute cuisine the pre-dessert has the function of cleaning up the customer's palate and preparing it for dessert tasting. This treat will have to represent something small but delicious and must be full of fresh and fruity flavors. Only in this way will the customer be ready to make the most of the final dessert.


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