Viridis, home fragrance

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Nose: SIlvia Babucci

500ml pack

Line of home fragrances designed by the "Nasi" experts of the Blueside R&D team and formulated by prestigious perfumers from Grasse in France.

Created to give your sense of smell and your memory unforgettable suggestions!

Their pleasantness and persistence make them particularly suitable for room fragrances with rattan sticks.

Designer: R&D Blueside

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viridis [viridis]. A quadrupled green in natural green, electric green, mythological green and expressionist green.

A pathway around various sounds of this colour, the ideal leitmotiv looking for its direction through plant archetypes. Its opening is the photograph of happy daily life with open nostrils, a domestic picture, the sound of free gardens and in full independence. Running at top speed through laurel bushes amplifies this fragrance’s breath in a forest reverberation with intense accents, an almost tangible aura. From this small fenced-off paradise, the fragrance moves to where nature becomes wilder, impossible to tame.

We are in the heart of Mediterranean bush, between a breath-taking green expanse and the most ancient sylvan beauty in the world. On top is thyme, followed by lavender, rosemary, mauve, green aniseed.

It is in a mythological and contemplative corner which is consolidated by the wind-beaten air. Viridis evokes endless plant expanses, so intensely that infuses a true three-dimensional olfactory element, the aromatic equivalent of an imaginary landscape. With a florid, vigorous and balsamic inclination, Olfactory poetry is green, viridis.  

Of our 5 senses, smell is certainly the one that leads to the best perception of immortality.

Salvator Dalì

A person can effortlessly perceive from a thousand to two thousand smells, the most expert noses such as those of perfumers can reach up to three thousand. Smell, like taste, is a sense that needs to be trained and the more we practice, the more sensitive we become, managing to feel the nuances of a perfume until we can clearly distinguish all its different olfactory notes.


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