La Cioccolatiera, glass chocolate melting pot

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Designer: Francesco Paretti

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Wonderful design chocolate pot made of borosilicate glass  to melt chocolate and keep it at long at the right temperature. Its spherical shape and glass transparency provide suggestive chromatic effects.

It is ideal for professionals, high pastry lovers, and all those who take pleasure in tasting and conviviality.

Easy to make your tasty chocolate fondue!

Material: 3.3 borosilicate glass


  • Convivial chocolate bowl: dxh 180x180mm
  • Small chocolate bowl: 100x100mm

We recommend listening to: B.B. King, All over again

How to prepare a chocolate fondue like at the bar

Pour hot water into the outer container and place the smaller container, in which the chocolate chips of uniform size have already been placed, inside the larger container.

The bain-marie heating in the Blueside Chocolate Maker takes place in a uniform and constant way such as to melt the chocolate very slowly and to keep it at the right level of fluidity for a time sufficient to serve it over and over again. The melted chocolate thus obtained preserves the aromas and organoleptic characteristics present before processing unaltered.

The addition of milk/cream, and possibly other flavourings, will serve to make tasty drinks or sauces that will add a touch of haute cuisine class to desserts.
For the choice of chocolate, we recommend a 70%-75% dark couverture chocolate which can be CRU for the most refined palates and for a more refined tasting.


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