TALA, glass tajine pot

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Suitable for cooking on gas and induction hobs.

Supplied with flame spreader net. Adapter for induction cooker available on request.

Infrared glass ceramic plate 220V, 1200W, 30x29x7.5h (optional)

All Blueside Emotional Design objects are rigorously made in Italy. For their realization borosilicate glass 3.3 is used, a glass of high purity, since it is lead-free. This glass is extremely transparent, offers high resistance to thermal shock and is resistant to the most common aggressive chemical substances, furthermore it keeps its characteristics unchanged over time.

Designer: Daniele Buschi

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TALA, tradition and innovation

A high-tech design object to be used right over a stove burner with a heat diffuser. Cook and serve your dishes with this spectacular designer tajine!  

Material: 3.3 borosilicate glass

Dimensions dxh: base 200x100mm; lid 211x150 

Suggested song: Francesco Guccini, Canzone della vita quotidiana

  • Slow cooking maintains all the nutritional principles of food thanks to steam convection;
  • Thanks to the flame spreader net, the heat is distributed evenly, preventing the food from sticking; therefore the preparation does not need to be stirred during cooking.
  • Using very little fat thanks to the type of steam cooking.
  • Thanks to the transparency of the glass, an amazing chromatic effect will be obtained after firing. Tala can be served at the table, thus creating a nice convivial moment.
  • Unlike traditional tagines, glass allows you to see what is happening inside the pot during cooking. This is essential to stabilize and optimize cooking times and to evaluate whether the liquids inside are sufficient or should be added occasionally to moisten the dish.
  • In the upper part of the chimney, the perforated thimble which acts as a vent chimney prevents the pot from going into overpressure. Its concave shape allows the steam that condenses to be collected and to make it fall back inside the tagine.
  • Tala, unlike terracotta tagines, does not absorb fat or any other substance. Therefore it always remains perfectly odorless and tasteless even after several uses.
  • Tala can also be used as a refined design object to furnish your home.


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