10 Father's Day gift ideas

Father's Day is just around the corner and finding that perfect gift to celebrate this special occasion can be a challenge. Even though you're all grown up and probably living away from home, 19 March is still the perfect time to thank Dad for all the love and support he has always given you.
Our on-line shop is the ideal solution to find a unique, top quality gift that will show all your affection, despite the distance separating you.

Choosing a high-quality gift is actually a tangible way of showing Dad how important he is for you, even as an adult however far away you are. Blueside offers a selection of products, traditionally crafted with special care and attention to detail. Each gift will be a symbol of your love and gratitude for everything your father has done for you.
Here are our 10 gift ideas for him, depending on what he loves most!


For the Dad who loves wine: Vinicio, glass decanter


For the wine-loving Dad, the Vinicio decanter is the perfect gift. Not only is this decanter aesthetically beautiful, it is also extremely practical and offers the best way to aerate your wine to immediately improve its flavour and bouquet. The decanter can also be matched with our wine glasses to create a complete set.


Discover the Vinicio decanter


For the Dad who loves spirits: Fred glasses


If your Dad is a spirits aficionado, our Fred glass is an excellent choice. Its unique shape will give him the impression he is dipping his fingers in the liquid without getting them wet which creates a unique sensorial experience as he tastes his drink.


discover the fred glasses


For the fashion-conscious Dad: Lucille cufflinks


As an elegant, original gift, our Lucille cufflinks are perfect. Made of coloured, borosilicate glass, they will add a touch of originality and style to your Dad's shirt cuffs.


discover the Lucille cufflinks


For the history buff Dad: Lampara, glass oil lamp


If you want to give something that blends past and present, our Lampara lamp makes the ideal choice. This minimal oil lamp will take him on a fascinating, nostalgic journey back to the oil lamps of ancient Greece.

lampada Lampara


discover the lampara lamp


For the Dad who loves his home: Desiderio, glass spray diffuser


If your Dad loves his home and scent-filled rooms, he will really appreciate our Desiderio spray diffuser. Made of borosilicate glass, this new vintage diffuser will ensure elegantly perfumed rooms.


Diffusore Desiderio


Discover the Desiderio spray diffuser


For the Dad who loves sophisticated drinks: Alzarino, spirit measure


If your Dad likes to prepare cocktails and sophisticated drinks, our Alzarino measure is an essential accessory. Made of glass, it correctly measures the amount of spirits to guarantee perfect results every time.

dosatore Alzarino


Discover the Alzarino measure


For the designer Dad: Kronos, Cleo, hourglasses made of glass


Our Kronos and Cleo hourglasses are the perfect gifts for the Dad who loves design and art. These hourglasses are made of borosilicate glass and are a unique, fascinating way to mark time in style.

clessidre Kronos e Cleo


Discover the hourglasses


For the ever-trendy Dad: Bone, glass and fabric bow tie


Blueside bow ties will make the Dad who's always seeking original, fashionable accessories very happy. Bone is a trendy, sporty bow tie, suitable for any outfit.
It tempts collectors of designer objects and is a must for those who love to stand out for their chic style.

Papillon Bone


discover the bone bow tie


For the Dad who loves his coffee: Phil decanter, glass coffee percolator


Our Phil decanter is a glass, single-body, designer, filter coffee percolator to elegantly brew the coffee and water. The glass handle adds an original touch and offers a natural grip during use.

This special gift will show your Dad how important he is to you and will give him the opportunity to enjoy a delicious, homemade Americano coffee as he relaxes. For a perfect match with the coffee percolator, you could also think about adding our elegant Tazzezen coffee cups or our Phil Ten coffee measure.

caffettiera Phil decanter


Discover the Phil decanter


For the Dad who loves whisky: Charlies, set of whisky glasses


Our superior, borosilicate glass Charlies set of whisky glasses is designed to offer an exceptional tasting experience.
The glasses stand on a white tablet with a double hollow to hold them firmly in place. This set is ideal to enjoy a whisky on the rocks and adds an elegant touch as you drink.

set bicchieri da whiskey Charlies


discover the glass sets for wishy Charlies


A high-quality gift whatever he loves best


Regardless of the gift you choose for your Dad, remember it has to be authentic and personalised and reflect his passion. With Blueside you can be sure to find high-quality products that will really make your Dad feel he is loved on his very special day.