Women's Day: original gift ideas for 8 March day

Women's Day is a special occasion to celebrate the importance of women in our lives and to show them how much we appreciate them. If you are looking for a unique and meaningful gift to say thanks to the extraordinary women around you, Blueside design is the best solution. The 'Gift Ideas for Her' collection offers an exclusive selection of emotional and design products that are sure to leave an indelible mark on her heart.


Enchanting Necklaces: Cobra, woven glass chain


Our necklaces are true pieces of art that catch the eye with their beauty and originality. A stunning idea is the Cobra necklace, made of 3.3 borosilicate glass braided links. Its transparency and contrast with the silver clasp make it a true masterpiece of design.
Thanks to its elegance and originality, this necklace will be appreciated by every woman who loves unique and high-quality jewels.

collana cobra


Discover the Cobra necklace


Precious bracelets: Olimpia, band bracelet


Our bracelets are elegant and distinctive, perfect for making your woman's day unique. The Olimpia 15 bracelet is a band made of silver and enriched with coloured borosilicate glass cabochons. These band bracelets, inspired by Etruscan-Roman art, add a touch of charm and sophistication to your sweetheart's wrist.

For those who love important jewellery, Olimpia is also available in the Olimpia 25 version, with a wider band that gives the jewel a higher preciousness and a majestic appearance.

bracciale olimpia


discover The Olimpia bracelet


Surprising Rings: Benjamin, button rings


If your lady loves rings, you can find different models in our shop.
A particularly original and creative idea is the Benjamin ring, designed by designer Sara Guasticchi.

Benjamin is created by handmade glass buttons, which are sewn with a silver thread onto a wedding ring. This process gives the ring an artistic and distinctive look.

You can find two variants of the Benjamin ring: the Benjamin Sun model and the Benjamin Square model. Both are made of 3.3 borosilicate glass and offer a touch of originality and beauty to your outfit.

anello Benjamin


discover the Benjamin ring


Brightening Earrings: Minima, 'musical note' earrings


Blueside Design's earrings are perfect for highlighting the beauty and elegance of every woman. The Minima earrings are a charming gift, made of borosilicate glass and silver in the shape of a musical note.

Available in two colours, these earrings add a touch of style and originality to any outfit.

orecchini minima


Discover the Minima earrings


Pendants with a story to tell: Faith, three-ring pendant


The pendants in our shop are unique pieces that tell a story and carry a special meaning.

A pendant that is sure to thrill the recipient is Faith, made of three borosilicate glass rings joined together. Each ring has a special meaning: love, loyalty and friendship. This piece of jewellery is the symbol of bonding and connection to a special woman.

ciondolo faith


discover the Faith pendant


Evergreen flowers: Silk, design glass flower


Glass flowers are a perfect choice for a lasting and timeless gift, perhaps to accompany the traditional mimosa that is common to give on this occasion.

The Silk flower is an elegant object made of mouth-blown borosilicate glass. Its delicate shape is almost reminiscent of a silk flap resting on a precious object.
This glass flower makes a unique and refined gift to celebrate Women's Day. Combined with the mimosa, the traditional symbol of this occasion, it will create an even more special and a meaningful atmosphere. The harmony between the yellow colour of the mimosa and the transparency and green of the glass flower adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home.

fiore silk


discover the silk flower


Make Women's Day an unforgettable moment!


Whether you choose a piece of jewellery or a glass flower, Blueside Design offers unique gifts that will be appreciated and loved by the women in your life. Give a unique piece that tells a story and carries meaning and emotion. Show women how much they mean to you and make their party an unforgettable day with a gift that will be appreciated and loved forever.