Mother's Day gift ideas: choose the quality of the Blueside products

Mother's Day is a special moment to show all our love and gratitude to our mothers.

To make this day even more memorable, why not choose something unique and original as a Blueside gift?
Whatever your mother's style, our shop offers a wide selection of gift ideas, elegant and quality products that we are sure to make her happy.

Lullaby choker, for the elegant mother


The Lullaby choker is a work of art to wear. Glass spheres suspended on silver threads create a magical effect, like tiny fireflies at night.
This unique piece of jewellery is made of high-quality materials, such as 3.3 borosilicate glass and 925 silver. The combination of these materials creates a harmony between the transparency of the glass spheres and the brilliance of the silver, giving the necklace a timeless elegance.

The Lullaby necklace is a special way to show love and gratitude. Every time she wears this piece of jewellery, she will remember your unique and precious bond.


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Vera earrings, small and elegant


A classic gift that never disappoints are the light-point earrings. Vera earrings feature a small solid glass sphere that catches the light in a magical way.
Their versatility allows them to be worn on any occasion and with any type of clothing.
Giving Vera earrings as a gift is a way to be always present in your mother's daily life and to remind her that you are always there for her.


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Cino vase, for a creative mum


If your mum loves plants and floral art, you can find a large selection of flower vases in our shop.
The Cino vase, thanks to its unique design with a central hole, allows you to create fascinating flower compositions with short-stemmed flowers.
The distinctive feature of Cino is its versatility, as it is a reversible vase. When no flowers are available, it can be turned upside down and used to hold colourful lichen, adding a touch of green originality to her home.


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Birba bracelet, for the mother who wants to become a little girl again


The Birba bracelet, made of glass capillary and 925 silver, evokes a sweet childhood memory linked to the wishing train shape.
With this bracelet, you will give your mother not only a valuable piece of jewellery, but also a sweet memory of you that will make her smile and fill her heart with joy.
By wearing Birba, your mother will relive happy memories and feel wrapped in a sweet sense of nostalgia.


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Benjamin ring, for the fashionable mother


The Benjamin ring transforms a handcrafted glass button into a unique piece of jewellery. High-quality borosilicate glass is skilfully sewn onto a silver ring, creating a fascinating contrast between the two materials.
Benjamin is available in two models: Benjamin Sun and Benjamin Square. Both models feature a contemporary and elegant design, perfect for a modern mother who appreciates originality and handcrafted details.


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Tala tajine pot, for the mother who loves cooking


If your mum is a cooking enthusiast, the Tala pot will be the perfect gift. This designer tagine pot allows you to cook and serve food in an elegant and original way.
Cooking over a low heat is slow and gradual and permits to concentrate all the flavours with their own juices.
A gift idea that combines style and functionality.


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Choose the gift that will surprise her


These are just some of the wonderful gift ideas you can find in our shop to celebrate Mother's Day.

From jewellery to flower vases or elegant kitchen accessories: each product is made with care and passion, guaranteeing quality and originality.

Choose a gift that reflects your mother's personality and make this day even more special with Blueside Design.