The perfect mise en place for your Easter table

Easter is a special celebration that brings family and friends together around the table to share a moment of joy and conviviality. To make this occasion even more memorable, it is important to take care of every detail of the mise en place. Blueside Design, with its collection of home and table accessories, offers a unique selection of products that can turn your Easter table into an unforgettable experience.


Eska vase: the creative centrepiece


The Eska flower vase and candle holder is a perfect centrepiece to create an elegant and striking Easter mise en place. This product is made of blown glass and designed by designer Simone Micheli and has an original structure and a sinuous shape. Its presence on the table will attract attention and stimulate the curiosity of your guests.

You can embellish Eska with an Easter-themed composition with eggs and floreal decorations, as shown by chiara_home_decor.

Chiara recommends combining Eska with poor materials recalling nature, such as wood and rope because they match the purity and luminosity of glass. The Eska vase with a natural branch is the right combination to brighten up the Easter table with refinement.

You can also use Eska as a candle holder as the borosilicate glass candle holder accessory for t-candles and long candles is included.

vaso eska


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Ottavio: the attention-grabbing water glasses


The Ottavio water glass is the perfect object to enhance your Easter mise en place. With its stylised shape-of-eight design, it pairs beautifully with the Eska vase, creating an eye-catching harmony of shapes.

The high quality 3.3 borosilicate glass guarantees strength and durability.
Whether you are preparing an elegant or informal table, this glass will add a unique touch of design to your Easter table.

bicchiere da acqua Ottavio


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Eye: the rocking plate for an unusual dining experience


Eye, rocking glass plates, are the ideal addition to your table. Their concave glass shape offers a unique and eye-catching design element that will surprise your guests. The transparency of the glass allows you to enhance your Easter dishes from a new angle, adding a touch of elegance to your mise en place. These plates are versatile and suitable for a variety of dishes. They are ideal for meals that do not require a knife and their rocking motion will add a playful element to the dining experience.

To complete the service, also choose Dotto, a flat glass plate. With its simplicity and versatility, it will be the ideal object for serving hors d'oeuvres and main courses. By combining Dotto and Eye, you will create an elegant mise en place that will make your Easter lunch even more special.

piatto eye


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Modigliani wine glasses: for a fine toast


The 'Modigliani' wine glass is the perfect steam glass for a toast during Easter celebrations.

These elegant goblets are handmade from borosilicate glass and are specially designed to enhance the red and white wine tasting experience. With their refined and sophisticated design, they will add a touch of class and style to your Easter table.

The 'Modigliani' glass is a true emotional experience. Its elongated stem lends an elegant and solemn aspect to the toast. Its curved shape and refined geometry make this goblet a superior element in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

bicchieri Modigliani


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Gennaro: the cake stand you don't expect


Gennaro 32 is an elegant, borosilicate glass cake stand that brings a touch of class and creativity to your table during the Easter festivities.

With its 32 cavities, it is perfect for placing chocolates, Easter eggs and other sweets. Thanks to the transparent glass, the delicacies will seem to hang in the air, creating a stunning visual effect that will highlight your culinary creations. In our shop you will find different sizes of this cake stand: Gennaro 9 or Gennaro 60, with 9 or 60 cavities respectively.

porta dolci Gennaro


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Ovo and Caroto: for an evocative olfactory combo


The Ovo glass diffuser is what's missing from your Easter table to immerse yourself in an experience of refined sensory elegance.

Ovo is a celebration of natural essences and niche craft perfumes. Its evocative shape, inspired by the perfection of the egg, satisfies the most sophisticated noses and remains in the memory.
We recommend combining Ovo with the room fragrance Caroto. Playful, enveloping notes of freshly picked carrots, on which you can still smell the earth, with Caribbean vanilla and Iris butter, come together in a unique olfactory harmony.
Caroto calls to mind grandma's kitchen permeated with the scent of a freshly baked carrot cake.

The Ovo and Caroto set is an evocative combo, combining the sophisticated aesthetics of Ovo with the touch of olfactory magic of Caroto, and giving your guests an exciting experience.

profumatore in vetro Ovo


Discover the Ovo diffuser 


Surprise your guests with a unique Easter table setting


The perfect Easter table setting can make the difference between an ordinary meal and an unforgettable experience. With our rich collection of home accessories, you can transform your table into an elegant and refined space. From glasses to table accessories to vases, we offer everything you need to create an unforgettable Easter mise en place.