The perfect glasses for toasting the summer

Summer is the perfect season for organising outdoor parties and toasting with friends and family.
Whether you are planning a lunch, a relaxing sunset aperitif or a dinner under the stars, you will find a wide selection of products in our shop that are ideal for toasting the summer.
From wine and sparkling wine glasses to cocktail glasses, get ready to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Mood, glass for sparkling wine. For an elegant toast


The Mood sparkling wine glass wants to celebrate summer with style and elegance. Thanks to its unique and refined design, Mood is designed to maximise the tasting experience of sparkling wines, champagnes and prosecco. The special hollow glass stem was developed by designer Francesco Paretti to best appreciate the perlage of sparkling wines.


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Pop long-drink glass, for a refreshing toast


Pop is the long drink glass that offers the perfect mix of style and functionality. It is designed for mixology and bartending enthusiasts who want to create extraordinary long drinks that want to be presented with elegance.
Thanks to its unusual inclination, this 3.3 borosilicate glass immediately catches the eye. The unique design offers ample capacity for the preparation of summer cocktails such as Tequila Sunrise and Bloody Mary, allowing you to experiment and create cool, delicious drinks to enjoy on hot summer days.


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Emilio glass tumbler for crushed cocktails


Emilio is the glass tumbler that turns your crushed cocktails into authentic works of art. With its unique design and high thickness, this tumbler is particularly suitable for the preparation of 'crushed' cocktails such as Mojitos and Caipirinhas, but also for fantastic Rum & Cola.
Whether you are organising a garden party or an evening on the terrace, Emilio will be the ideal companion for your summer toast.


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Cucumber glass, for a taste for two


Cucumber is the perfect extra-large glass to quench your guests' thirst on hot days. You can use it to taste craft beers or prepare fruit-flavoured long drinks that will impress with their freshness.
Thanks to its generous size, you can also use Cucumber in the middle of a table as an 'Aperitif One for Two' version, with two straws for an intimate tasting 'for two'. It will be a perfect way to make a romantic summer dinner or sunset aperitif even more special.


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Margot glass, for a quality margarita


Margot is the ideal glass for those who wish to enjoy an authentic margarita during warm summer evenings, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your tasting experience.
Its distinguishing feature is the gentle tilt of the cup, which gives the glass a unique and charming appearance. With a delicate and natural movement, it almost seems as if Margot is oriented like a daisy flower in the sun, creating a relaxed summer atmosphere.


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Elio sparkling wine glass, for a timeless toast


Elio is a minimalist reinterpretation of the classic Muscat sparkling wine glass of the 1950s. Designed by designer Sara Guasticchi, this glass is perfect for a toast for couples, for a charming creative hors d'oeuvre or for serving a delicious dessert.
With its timeless design it will impress your guests and create an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication during your summer evenings.


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Our tip for the perfect summer cocktail


With the Alzarino spirits dispenser, a refined glass pipette, pour the spirit into your favourite glass while bringing the bottle of your favourite liqueur to the table!


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Organise your summer toasts with a touch of class


Whatever your plans for this summer, you will find the ideal glasses in our shop to turn your toast into a unique moment. Add a touch of style and sophistication to your summer toasts!