Ideas for enhancing your home in spring

Spring is the season of colours, flowers and fresh air. It is the perfect time to brighten up your home and bring some cheer and vitality.
In our shop you can find vases and colourful glass flowers, perfect for creating a unique and charming spring atmosphere.


Glass flower vases: a touch of class for your home


Nothing makes a room more elegant and cosy than a beautiful vase full of fresh flowers. Blueside Design's flower vases are true pieces of art, made of high-quality 3.3 borosilicate glass. You can choose from different shapes, all crafted by expert designers who know how to make your home truly unique.

Vasetti: small vases for small flowers


Vasetti are small transparent glass vases, perfect for holding small flowers. These vases fit easily into any corner of your home, bringing a touch of delicate spring beauty. You can choose between the 'tall' and 'low' versions, or combine them together to create a charming and personalised composition.

Choose your favourite flowers: from small daisies to delicate spring flowers, the Vasetti will enhance the beauty of each small flower.


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Tubular vase: an elegant fusion of art and functionality


Tubular vases are true jewels for the eyes. They are made of borosilicate glass tubes and feature stylised glass knots recalling precious bamboo canes.

The distinctive feature of Tubular vases is their reversibility, which makes them adapt to multiple purposes.
You can use them to hold fresh flowers, stones, lichen or dry branches, creating an exotic and minimalist atmosphere. Tubular vases can also accommodate dried flowers, creating long-lasting decorative compositions.


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Nassa vase: a design element that catches the eye


The Nassa vase is a true piece of art that immediately catches the eye with its unique and striking shape. The particular design, studied by architect Simone Micheli, recalls the Nasse, fishing tools that have always been used by men of the sea.

It enhances any room, adding a note of elegance and charm.

To best enhance the Nassa vase and make it the star of the room, place it in a bright space, as claudia.concas did.
In this way, the natural light will enhance its transparency and shape, evoking its "marine" origin.
Claudia recommends enriching the vase with a bouquet of wild freesias, which will bring spring into the home with their delicate scent and create a colour and sensory contrast, emphasising the beauty of the glass and the unique shape of the vase. With this simple combination, you will create an atmosphere of serenity and a unique connection to the natural elements.


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Tears vase: a unique work of art


The Tears vase is a unique work of art that captures emotion and transforms it into a scenic and poetic composition.
This flower vase consists of a glass bell with a hole at the apex, into which a glass 'tear' is inserted. This symbol of emotion is protected and suspended in the bell, creating an extraordinary visual effect.

Available in two sizes, Tears is a versatile vase, suitable for both fresh and dried flowers. You can let your creativity run wild and create unique and personal compositions using one or more flowers inside the bell, or turn it into a beautiful scent diffuser by inserting your favourite home perfume!


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Vento: an enchanting vase


The Vento vase, with its conical shape, evokes the beauty and purity of the sea. Its double-walled structure represents the sand that settles on the seabed, leaving the water on the surface clear and purified. This vase captures the essence of a swell that, after muddying the waters, leaves room for an enchanting clarity.

Vento is perfect for holding beautiful bouquets or individual flowers.
Its alchemistic shape also recalls the solid-liquid separators used in chemical experiments, adding a touch of mystery and sophistication to your home.


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Glass flowers for a timeless beauty


If you prefer the timeless beauty of glass flowers, you will find a selection of crafted floral artwork in our shop. These glass flowers are perfect for embellishing your space with a touch of spring elegance.

Bean glass flower: a colourful spring pod


The Bean pod-shaped glass flower is the perfect object to transform your home into a spring oasis. With its unique and unmistakable design, it evokes the image of a new bud blooming, bringing with it the promise of rebirth.

Available in vibrant green and yellow, the Bean flower adds a note of freshness and vitality to any space.


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Calice: a tulip in bloom


The Calice glass flower is the perfect object to transform your home and bring the fresh and vibrant atmosphere of spring. With its modern design and soft lines reminiscent of a field of blossoming tulips, this mouth-blown borosilicate glass flower captures the essence of the most cherished season.

Available in two charming colours, opaline white and cobalt blue, the Calice flower adds a touch of elegance and vitality to any setting.

Place Calice on a table, a shelf or a piece of furniture and let its beauty spread to your surroundings!


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Ricciolo: a playful choice


Ricciolo is a charming, spiral-shaped glass flower, the ideal object to brighten up the atmosphere of your home during the spring season.
Crafted with skill and creativity, Ricciolo offers a refined and colourful bouquet without need of water. Inspired by the curl of the lemon peel, this borosilicate glass flower is sure to be a focal point in your home décor.
Play with the shapes and colours available, including transparentr, white, blue, yellow and black, to create your own personalised composition.


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Calla: a touch of refinement


If you are looking for an elegant and refined flower, the Calla glass flower is perfect. This work of spring art is skilfully crafted using transparent borosilicate glass, which gives the flower a crystalline sheen and timeless beauty.
Calla's stylised shape and delicacy make it a unique decorative element that will capture the attention of anyone who enters your home.


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Bamboo: the flower that lights up your home


The Bamboo glass flower is characterised by fine, delicately stylised shapes.
Inspired by bamboo reeds, this glass flower is light and ethereal, creating an atmosphere of delicacy and harmony.
Bamboo is extremely versatile when combined with other glass flowers of the Blueside collection. You can create unique and customised bouquets by combining different patterns and colours of glass flowers, thus creating a real flower garden in your home.
If you want an even more colourful atmosphere, you can combine the Bamboo flower with a selection of fresh flowers, creating a fascinating contrast between the delicacy of glass and the vibrancy of natural petals.


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Turn your home into a springtime oasis


With Blueside Design flowerpots and glass flowers, you can turn your home into a spring oasis full of beauty and harmony.

Choose the products that catch your eye and be inspired by their elegance and originality. Bring spring into your home and enjoy the freshness and vitality of this wonderful season!