Romantic gift ideas for couples: celebrate quality love

There is nothing more beautiful and romantic than a gift for a couple that symbolises the love and harmony between two people. When you have to find something special for both of them, it creates an indestructible bond. The beauty of a gift for a couple lies in its ability to represent their love and deep affection and create a long-lasting, tangible reminder of how lucky they are to have one another in their life.

You can find a vast selection of unique, designer gifts for couples in our shop that capture and express the very essence of beauty and your love in a very special way.


Cuore coffee cups: love in a unique design


Our "Cuore" cups are perfect for a couple that loves to share special moments during their coffee break. These uniquely designed cups are in the shape of a heart, the symbol of love and reciprocal affection. Wake up each morning to a day packed with love!


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Circle ring: eternally linked by a traditionally crafted jewel


With its clean, minimal design, our Circle glass band ring is available in three versions: smooth, engraved and sandblasted. Perfect for either man or woman, it is a symbol of a close bond and unique partnership.

Anello Circle


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Botero wine glasses: elegance and sinuous shapes


Our Botero wine glasses are designed for couples that love to share a good wine together. These elegant, softly, sinuously shaped glasses are made of mouth-blown, borosilicate glass. The main feature of these glasses is that they are made from the goblet to the stem from a single piece of hollow glass pipe. This design allows the poured liquid to fill the entire body of the glass to create unusual, very beautiful colour effects. Our Botero glasses are ideal for serving red wines, but they can also be used for white sparkling wines as the concave shape encourages the bubbles to form throughout the glass.
Botero is an elegant, sophisticated gift that will make evenings for two even more special.

bicchieri botero


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Moon spirit glasses: highlight your tasting experience


Our Moon spirit glasses are handmade in borosilicate glass and offer a unique tasting experience for the finest cognacs and the best spirits. Their hemispheric design ensures they are comfortable to hold and give the perfect bouquet. The two resting points enable the spirit to be poured straight or at an angle to maximise the exchange surface and intensify the aromas in the room.

These designer glasses make an elegant, sophisticated gift that will add a touch of class to your tasting evenings and give you a highly sensory experience.

bicchieri moon


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Elio glasses: sophistication and vintage design


The elegant design of our Elio glasses is inspired by the champagne goblets of the 50s and creates the ideal atmosphere for a romantic toast. This glass is made of high-quality, tough, transparent, borosilicate 3.3 glass, which reveals the vibrant fizz of sparkling wine. The Elio glass is designed to create special moments for two, whether it's a photographic toast in black and white, a creative starter or a dessert served in style, perhaps with our Ambrosia dessert stand.

bicchieri Elio


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Romantic gifts for couples are an extraordinary way to celebrate love and create unbreakable bonds. The choice of a unique designer gift can capture and express the very essence of your love in a very special way. Whether they are cups to share tender moments during your coffee break, a ring that symbolises a unique bond or elegant glasses to raise a toast together, gifts chosen with care will be a tangible sign of your love.

Choose a unique, romantic gift for couples that will create indelible memories for the future.